It’s time to step up global action on climate change

Getting on track for 1.5 °C

Current policies are projected to result in a catastrophic temperature increase of 2.7 °C. Without an immediate ramp-up in action this decade, our shot at a 1.5 °C future is lost.

Consequences of Unabated Climate Change


Each additional degree of warming will bring worse climate consequences and will exacerbate existing inequalities.

At 2 °C of warming, an estimated 37 % of the global population will be exposed to severe heatwaves.

The world’s largest companies will face over USD 1 trillion in climate change impacts, likely within the next decade.

At 3 °C of warming, hundreds of millions of people will be displaced from their homes due to sea level rise.

The effects of unabated climate change is expected to shave 14 % (around USD 23 trillion annually) off global economic output by 2050

A 1.5 °C

World Brings Numerous Benefit

A global energy system in need of transformation

Energy accounts for 73 % of global emissions due to the continued
dominance of fossil fuels. Our collective chance of delivering
on COP26 promises and getting on a 1.5 °C pathway lies in
immediately scaling up renewables

What the private sector must do

GreenFuel Commitment

Over the last decade, we have transformed from one of Europe’s most carbon-intensive energy companies to a global green energy
company. We are working intensely to decarbonize in line with science and drive a sustainable business model fit for a 1.5 °C world.