Energy accounts for 73% of global greenhouse gas emissions

We need to speed up the green energy transition

The most important moment since the Paris Agreement

After a year-long delay due to Covid-19, COP26 ended with an agreement – the Glasgow Climate Pact – that just about kept the 1.5 °C goal alive.

Important progress was made in the form of commitments in areas such as methane and deforestation, as well as pledges to bring better nationally determined contributions to the table next year.

The steps taken in the next few years will determine whether or not we can get on track to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. Current policies are projected to result in an increase of 2.7°C. In the best-case scenario if we fully implement all announced targets on time, including net-zero targets and NDCs, we could limit global warming to 1.8°C.

RoadMap to The Future

Energy Transformation by 2050

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Free Energy Access

Stories from the front line of Climate Action

GreenFuel is helping speed up the global green energy transition, putting us at the forefront of climate action. Our renewable energy projects across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific are helping countries and companies realise the emissions reductions they need to make to keep temperature increases within 1.5°C.

Our projects go further – from regenerating communities to promoting economic growth, creating local jobs to promoting biodiversity. See a selection of stories from the intersection of climate change and the energy transition, focusing on the people living and working on the front line of climate action.